Our Story

We started Pinustore Online Business Pvt Ltd having its online store named as www.pinustore.com in year 2016 considering convenience to online shoppers.

Mr Pankaj Mhetar and Mrs. Shweta Mhetar are the founders of Pinustore.com its vision was to develop an online store for those who spend busy time in daily routine & not having time to visit Garment store after hectic daily schedule. So founders came up with an innovative idea of selling Quirky, funky T shirts and other Garment products to sell online. It was a big risky step to survive with the existing giants of in this E-commerce industry.

Website started getting good responses from the month of its launch and order volume has bit increased and the number visitors increased substantially.

To make the products available at cheap prices but also with a high quality, company went into a research and a team visited certified manufacturers and did tie-up with B2B manufacturers & started in-house production in Mumbai.

We have been growing since we started our online T-shirt & other garment store.

Deepened relation with our customers inspires us to grow with huge motivation.

Our projection is to get the projected amount of sales and to introduce some more quirky and cool products on the website in the coming year and make the company stand strong in E-Commerce industry & reach our milestone.

Keep Buying Quirky...Enjoy.

Lightweight Jacket


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